A brief history of the world and the universe it resides in. The story goes that two Alpha Gods wanted to create a universe to represent there love for each other. Their names are Koia and Toka.

They went about creating the Three suns, TO’ “Red Sun”, RO’ “Yellow Sun”, KO’ "Blue Sun.
After they started creating the first planet, Astreal Sea, this is were heaven resides and all its creatures. They went about creating five more planets all with different creatures of sizes and shape.

When they came to create the seventh planet they decided to create humans as the first cretures to step and breath, Toka respectfully called this planet Koi after his beloved.

They created three more planets after Koi and after they decided they wanted there planets to comunicate with each other. Thus the Demi-Gods were formed. Each planet has a Demi-God of the respected race that was formed first for each planet.

The campaign takes place on the planet Koi. Koi has one continet were civilization thrifes.
Three Capitals claim dominion over the land.

The World of Koia